As if you don’t already need telling, fuel costs at the minute are sky high. And unfairly too. When oil was at $147 a barrel, a litre of petrol/diesel was roughly the same price as it is now, despite the fact that the price of oil at the time of writing this and according to the BBC is $78.91 a barrel.

At what point are people going to toughen up and say no to these rediculous prices. I completely understand that the Government need their tax money, and the oil companies need their profit, but I really do need someone to explain why prices are at $147 a barrel levels, in spite of the fact oil is half that now.

Rising fuel costs have an impact on all of us, wether your in the window industry or not. Food prices have risen sharply due to high fuel costs, haulage companies are struggling to keep their heads above water because of high fuel costs, PVC polymers will go up in cost as a direct result of the cost of fuel. I could go on but you are all aware of the point I’m getting at.

And of course the other connecting issue is the dependence of the PVC industry on oil. We need to invest money and research into being able to mass produce the same polymers out of sustainable resources.