With the internet making huge inrodes into the way the double glazing industry works and operates, lots of companies are making big investements into their websites and other online services. Personally I think this is good business sense. It allows customers to do their homework and check into different companies and their products and services.

However, when it comes to viewing the product, the internet is not capable of showing the best physical aspects of the window/door/conservatory. That is where having a good showroom becomes incredibly useful. It is the sole opportunity for the customer to make their difinitive decision. Getting the customer in the showroom means you are able to guide them down the road of putting their signature on your contract. The showroom is the one tool, and the best, to best show what you have to offer.

Websites have now become a vital part of any business, especially for double glazing firms. However, the showroom will remain the most important organ of the business as people will always want to look at products with their own eyes. A service which the internet will never properly display.