If I remember rightly, it is a year today since I started this blog. I was inspired by others out there and thought why not! I’m sure a couple of people might want to listen to what I have to say. And as it turned out, more than a couple of people now read what I have to say, which is heartening!

As my blog progressed and started to gain more visits and more followers, I started to become more obsessed with how many people were visiting per day, how many visits, how much time they spent on my blog etc. It got so bad I was checking about 20 times a day! I must say now however that I do have an addictive personality, so do tend to over-do things!

Anyway, I’ve told myself this week that it’s not all about the numbers, it’s about having content people will want to read, which goes back to the original reason I started this blog. It’s always nice to get lots of followers and visits everyday, but I always appreciate it more when people leave a comment, questioning what I have written, asking me questions or just venting their own opinions. It means they’ve taken their own time to read what I’ve put out there, and that always puts a smile on my face.

Over the last year I’ve managed to nark some people off, make new contacts and talk to people I never would have if I had not started this blog. Hopefully this will be a project which will carry on over the next year and beyond. I enjoy writing this blog, so intend very much to keep putting on the best content I can, as regularly as I have been doing, giving you all my perspective on the ways of the world.