The top image shows the search numbers for ‘double glazing’ over the last five years. What is obvious is that there has been a steady decline since 2004, and that when it comes to Christmas we may as well not even be open.
The second image shows again the figures for ‘double glazing’ but over the last 12 months. Unlike previous years, 2009 was a year of stabilisation. No huge peaks and troughs as you would normally see, other than the standard drop at Christmas. But what you can see is as the graph runs into the beginning of this year, search numbers have steadily risen above the 1.0 line, whereas last year it either on or below the 1.0 line.
From the feedback and conversation going around, the industry is still stuck in consolidation mode. Recovery levels that are worth talking about may be a while off yet, and trading conditions are still going to be tough. Hopefully, as consumer confidence continues to grow, so will the health of the window industry.