I’ve been looking into Apple’s new device, the iPad, and I want one terribly! However, for about £500, I’m going to need to use it a lot to get my money’s worth. So I was wondering how I could use it for work purposes.

Firstly, we are going to start using a new IT package which will allow us to price on laptops, or in this case an iPad. But there will be also online updates, again which the iPad can take advantage of. And because the iPad is an impressively quick device, pricing should take no time at all.

Then there is the demo itself. I could show DVD’s, but also pictures. I’ve looked into the iPad’s picture abilities and they are fantastic. Swapping pictures is immediate and can be done with just a swich on the screen. And the resolution is very high quality, so the pictures we show will be crystal clear.

We use our own folders for demonstrations, going through with them page by page. I’m wondering how easy it would be to let them hold the device and flick through the same pages but on the crystal clear screen. Obviously I couldn’t leave it with them, but would it be a more modern way of doing a demo, or just over complicating the issue with the need of wanting a new device for the sake of it?