As the interent has grown, so has the whistle blowing culture. The internet has been an avenue for people who have had bad experiences with companies to vent their fury and frustrations. The obvious problem for companies is that everyone in the world can read all about that person’s horror stories.

The main victims of people broadcasting their problems have been the nationals, Anglian, Everest and Safestyle. Usually, whenever there has been a customer actively voicing their concerns about a particular company, legal action follows. Then whatever is said about the company or the problem in particular, any comments on forum websites have to be removed. Now to me this looks like the company in question has something to hide.

Companies have to question themselves when these cases arrive and ask: “how did we get to this point?” At some point there must have been a breakdown in quality customer services, otherwise the consumer wouldn’t feel the need to go on the web and advertise their upset. Even if the customer is in the wrong, the company has to do their best to make sure the problem has an amicable conclusion, therefore cutting out the risk of the consumer bad mouthing the company.