There are still many in the industry that report that only a quarter, perhaps a third maximum, of all companies are actually actively promoting and selling energy rated windows. We took the decision a while back to sell only ‘A’ rated windows as standard, which was made easier by our manufacturers dropping the energy rated surcharge. And since then we have had our competitors producing all sorts of lies and stories to get around the excuse that they simply don’t sell energy efficient windows.

So a bit of honesty if you will please. How many of you out there still only sell windows that fall in the minimum ‘E’ rating catagory? If you are, then why? There is still a lot of questions being asked of the WER system, so explain if it is that. Or are there manufacturing/selling issues?

I want to try and get some idea as to why so much of the industry hasn’t lept on such an easy selling tool. In October the bar is being raised to ‘C’, it’s obvious that there is much work to be done if we are to get our house in order.