Every month, more and more marketing materials gets released telling us how much money our customers can save by putting in energy efficient windows. The problem is, every time we get this new material, the numbers are all different!

I’ve had materials telling me customers can save £180, £200, £461, £600 or even £800 a year on energy bills! Obviously from a salesmans angle, thet want to tell the customer how much they could save per year, it acts as a big selling advantage. But the credibility of the information starts to suffer when other salesmen tells the same customer different figures.

This problem contributes to the overall discussion going on at the moment about the reliability of how scientifically accurate the methods were when testing energy rated windows. What the industry needs is a reliable figure, give or take £10 or £20, to be able to say to the customer ‘this is how much you could actually save’. Until then, customers are going to be a bit sceptical.

What I would like to know is who managed to work out that one household could save £800 a year on energy bills!