The subject of whistle blowing on bad double glazing companies is a tough one. On one hand, lots of us feel that it is only right to name and shame the companies which tarnish the reputation of our industry with their bad practices and poor customer service. On the other, if your company appeared on the site, then you would do all you can to make sure your name is removed, possibly going to court to do so. But is this right?

In my eyes, if your company has performed badly, and mistreated customers terribly, then you only get what’s coming to you. But because of the society we live in today, the person who whistle blew on that company is the one that stands to receive the most punishment! How can this be? From the business point of view, they don’t want their name described badly as it will harm their business, but I don’t think that argument stands if they have acted terribly towards the customer. They have to accept whats coming to them. For those in the industry, we all know of a few cases where certain members of the public are actively speaking out against companies where they have been treated badly. But not one of us can report on it, for fear of getting stuck in the legal proceed ins ourselves.

How is it that if a company has been down right out of order, they have the most protection and we, Joe public, can’t say a single thing out of fear of court action?

Ideally, what I’d like to set up is an anonymous site where people can leave messages and name companies, explaining how they have been treated. However, I know this isn’t possible. Surely some law can be put forward to stop giving the cowboys of this industry protection?