The double glazing industry has long had different approaches as to how sales reps should dress.

Some, like ourselves still wear suits. We get a lot of positive comments about the way we dress when we go into a customers house, especially the older generation. Comments like: “it’s so nice to see young men dressed so smart”, are ones we get quite regularly. I think customers are quite impressed when someone has made the effort to create a good impression by wearing a suit.

Alternatively, others prefer the more casual look. Jeans or trousers, with a company shirt and no tie. Again quite smart, just not as smart as a full suit. However, customers probably feel that they are dealing with a relaxed company, one thats not too pressuring. This option is the easiest way to distinguish one company from another. Sort of like a uniform.

The third option is the typical labourer. Jeans, scrappy t-shirt. This is the image the double glazing industry wants to get rid of. It smacks of ‘cowboy’. I’ve always failed to understand how people dressed so poorly can win orders. But then, do we really want to stop that image? It makes those of us who choose to make the effort look even more professional!