As a fellow blogger in the same industry I felt obliged to comment on RCG’s latest, and possibly last post.

For those who are unaware, myself and RCG work for rival companies in the Wakefield area and have had a ‘healthy’ rivalry. I stumbled on his blog at the beginning of 2009 and found it an interesting read. The industry didn’t really have an outlet for opinion and this was the first proper hub for it. But what pushed me to start this blog was not for rivalry purposes, but because it started the spark in me to do something similar. I’m quite an opinionated person, so upon finding RCG I went ahead and started my own. It took me a while to get off the ground in terms of views and comments but they steadily grew as time went by, thanks to a helpful mention on the RCG blog, so a thanks has to be made there.

Hearing that RCG is to be put on ice is a shame. What was written was always worth reading, even if it wasn’t always on topic. His posts however grew ever more conservative in their wording, this is probably due to the numerous threats of legal action he has already mentioned. I can say now that I know exactly how that feels! I know myself that the things I write may ruffle a few feathers from time to time, but despite any threats that may arise, I will continue to write in a free and flowing way, and will always try to bring any bits of gossip to readers (while trying to keep on the legal side of things!). RCG tends to have a wider range of contacts than me so gossipy bits might be a bit few and far between.

Hopefully a few of RCG’s readers will find their way over to this blog. I have no plans to stop writing, and will only stop if people stop reading and leaving comments. So best of luck RCG.