received this email the other day, the sender has asked me to keep their identity and who they work for secret. Take a read and see what you think:

To Swiss V head office Switzerland:

For the Last 8 Months we have been using SwissV spacer bar to comply with new UK building Regs.
We get our Glass units made by Glass Systems Ltd, Swansea UK. & we promote your products with samples & your Brochures in our showroom.
I have recently downloaded your latest version of Caluwin, in order to be able to give specific u-value information to my customers.
I was only able to download the “free trial 40 day” version, which does not have the capacity to printout reports. To get the print enabled version, it seems we would have to pay. Your colour brochure specifically states that the program is absolutely free of charge. I took this to mean that it is “absolutely free of charge”
Could you please supply me with the enabling code so that I can supply relevant information to my customers, as it states in your brochure, in order to continue to successfully promote your products.
We do like your product, but we have to work hard to sell at the premium price you demand.
The program provides the technical evidence needed to support sales staff.
Your support in this respect would be very much appreciated.

The sender of the above information has said they would keep me informed of any progress in the matter, so if I receive any further emails I will post them on here.