Most items when pricing windows and doors justify their price in my opinion. But one thing that I have always thought was a bit expensive is external Georgian bar. I’ve had costs ranging from £60 per m2 to £142 per m2, differing from company to company. I understand that the anti-rattle technology is a bit fickle, and that fitters have problems de-glazing them if the bars have been fitted in the factory. But that surely can’t justify such a huge increase in cost.

This is made to look worse when you compare it to the internal Georgian bars. These are considerably cheaper, easier to maintain, no de-glazing issues, but the consumer is still able to maintain the Georgian look, without paying through the nose for it. This is the reason why we sell very little of the external bars, and lots of the internal bars. One would have thought that with time, as with all new products and technologies, the price of external Georgian bars would have come down.