Last week, when hoarding over 250 post-consumer PVCu frames into an Ecoplas big green skip, it hit me how much we are saving on skips.

If we weren’t doing all the recycling we are doing now, we would still be using way too many skips for our own good. In fact we’re now probably using over 50% less skips than we were a year ago. This is obviously saving us plenty on skip hire. LSS Skips won’t be too happy, but I’m sure Ecoplas will be, and our accountant too.

Recycling PVCu isn’t the only thing we do. All the old aluminium frames we take out get de-glazed and taken to a scrap merchants to redeem a bit of cash. Again, not filling our skips, and making the most of the material we remove. Helps pay for the Christmas do at the end of the year too!

The only thing I think we are guilty of is our use of paper. We use a lot of paper, and we have massive stacks of old industry magazines that we can’t just throw away. We need a few of those green paper recycling bins. The amount of paper we just throw in the bin is criminal. I think I might appoint myself our Environmental Officer!