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UK Fenestration Must Do More As New UN Climate Report Warns Of “Code Red”

The most comprehensive climate change report to ever be published by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by the UN) has today warned that humanity is on "code red" and that some of the changes already taking place on the planet, like sea-level rises, are irreversible. As a sector, along with all other [...]

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Build To Last

As a planet we cannot deny it any longer, climate change is not coming, it's already here. Just look at the horrific weather the UK has suffered all winter. Storm after storm after storm, washing away whole stretches of coastline, flooding thousands of homes, hundreds of thousands of home without power throughout the winter. Lives [...]

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>Why Electric Cars Won’t Work

>Well, they will, just not for a very long time. They have a number of simply huge problems to get around before they become a viable and cheaper option than traditional petrol and diesel cars.First issue to be resolved is their mileage. It's terrible. For those in the double glazing selling game, like the national [...]

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>Be Eco-Positive

>Being eco-friendly is something which I've tried to improve on in the last few months. During that time were now recycling all waste paper, card and cardboard. All PVCu and timber post consumer waste is taken away instead of being put in our skip. We're turning off all unused lights in our stores, conservatories and [...]

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>Powering Trucks

>There are two things that are important to the window industry at the moment. The first is transport, more specifically the HGV's and LGV's that transport all the materials and frames to installers and manufacturers. The second is fuel costs. Those who read regularly will know I'm big on anything environmentally responsible, so anyway to [...]

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>The Biggest Waste Of Natural Resources I’ve Ever Seen!

>I was shown a very disturbing but very spectacular picture today:This is Hell's Gate in Uzbekistan. 35 years ago a drilling expedition team started drilling in this location and came across this enormous cavern in the Earth. It was that deep the bottom could not be seen, even with any of their tools, it seemed [...]

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>How To Save On Skips

>We've (finally) gone all eco here. For a while we've been having our post-consumer PVCu frames taken away by Ecoplas. That was fine, but I wasn't happy at that being the only form of planet saving act. So every office now has a paper recycling bin, which I emptied all 6 today, and it's almost [...]

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>Obama Backs Me!

>Looks like my message of coming away from the reliance of oil as quick as possible has spread over the Atlantic, even the President is agreeing with me! Oh wait, it's taken one of the worst environmental disasters in history for him to say what I have been saying. Thought it was too good to [...]

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>Time To Move Away From Oil

>If ever there was a reason to move away from the reliance of oil it is the ongoing environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.This is started when the Deepwater Horizon rig suffered an explosion and eventually sunk. As it was going down, the fail-safes aboard the rig failed and a rupture in the line [...]

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>More Recycling Equals Less Skips

>Last week, when hoarding over 250 post-consumer PVCu frames into an Ecoplas big green skip, it hit me how much we are saving on skips.If we weren't doing all the recycling we are doing now, we would still be using way too many skips for our own good. In fact we're now probably using over [...]

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>I Need To Change My Car!

>Just before Xmas last year I changed my red Grande Punto 1.2 Activ (basic model), to a 1 year old, Grande Punto 1.4 turbo, top of the range model, and it's absolutely gulping petrol! At the miniute I'm putting in £25 every 4-5 days! This is not a sustainable way of driving!So, Im seriously thinking [...]

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>Flight Ban Highlights Problem

>The flight ban has highlighted a subject which I have written about in previous posts.In the future, we will have to consider a time where we don't have Kerosene, a fossil fuel which aircraft require to fly. We rely so much on flight to help with the day to day running of the world, what [...]

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>Oil Crisis Within Five Years

>An international monitering group, headed by Sir Richard Branson, has warned for a second time that within 5 years, the country, and the planet will be at risk of severe 'oil crunches', as they put it. In simple terms we are running out of the black stuff, and fast. What could this mean for the [...]

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>Putting Climate Change Into Perspective

> This video is a MUST watch. it really does put into perspective the damage we have done to our climate and our planet. I've watched this once before and it does make your heart sink when you think of all the damaging actions we have done to our home. It might spur you on [...]

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