As some of you may know, we have been working on a new company website. My attempt was, to put it simply, rubbish. It’s a site way too big, not very efficient, and filled with guff you don’t need to read.

So, we brought in the company who hosts our site to give it a go properly and professionally. And it’s a good job we did. I’ve seen the layout designs for the pages and they look miles better than what’s there at the minute. Much clearer, concise and simple. It’s geared up much better to allow potential customers to make appointments, something which the last site failed to do completely.

We are also hoping to do a focused Google Adwords campaign. We did a trial run a few weeks ago and the amount of traffic and click-thru’s to the site were phenomenal. So, with the new site, we will run this very soon afterwards. On top of that, our Google Places business listing has improved 8-fold over the last month or so, and were hoping this will only add to the momentum we hope to gain from the website.

Fingers crossed!