What an absolute disgrace. England yet again failed to turn up to the same match, and deservedly got their arses kicked back home. The thing that really bugs me about it all, is that players like Rooney score 34 goals for Manchester United last season, but was completely absent in mind on the pitch for all the games. And the same goes for other players. And what’s worse, all the players in the England team would be millionaires over the course of ten weeks. Their wages are absolutely disgusting, in fact it’s about as bad as bankers and their unnecessary bonuses, if not worse. How is it they think that getting paid of £100,000 a week for their club then playing like they did today and against Algeria is acceptable. It’s about time football came back to the real world and started paying out more reasonable wages. Everyone else in the real world is working their backsides off to keep their jobs with crap pay, why should they get treated like royalty for playing such crap football.

My other problem with the team is that most of them don’t seem to have the hunger to play for their country. Look back at the team who won it in 1966, the were true players, who played for honour not money. They had pride in who they played for, and got paid a hell of a lot less. We have no players of that calibre anymore. And to prove it, if we were to ask everyone in the Premier League to prove that they became a footballer for the football and not the money, and ask them to play for £400 per week, how many would say ‘no, bugger off!’ All of them I’d say.

I’m completely disillusioned with the England football team. However, there are many silver linings. The England cricket team seem to be winning everything at the minute, especially if it’s against Australia, which makes it all the better! We won a ODI series today, which if your and England cricket fan you will know that’s a rare occurrence!

Plus, Andy Murray is still in Wimbledon and looks in better shape than any other top seed players at the minute. England beat Australia in the Rugby Union, and English player won the US Open. Hmm, so basically, it’s just the football team letting us down. Just a shame it’s our national bloody sport!

So, people of England, focus your minds back on the drafty old windows and doors and think about getting them replaced!