We’ve (finally) gone all eco here. For a while we’ve been having our post-consumer PVCu frames taken away by Ecoplas. That was fine, but I wasn’t happy at that being the only form of planet saving act. So every office now has a paper recycling bin, which I emptied all 6 today, and it’s almost disgraceful the amount of paper we used. Also, we managed to dispose of the HUGE amount of trade magazines that had piled up over the years, thoughtfully. It would have been criminal to just throw away all that paper.

The other step we have just implemented is to put the old timber we remove to good use. So, we’ve found a local guy who takes old timber windows and doors (and timber of all nature really) and turns it into fire wood for wood burning stoves.

The net result of all this is we are emptying our bins less, and we are using a lot less skip space, meaning we have saved hundreds on skip exchanges. And it’s also satisfying to know that you’ve been responsible and made sure that a load of waste isn’t just going to go to landfill.