The PVCu may have just received a bit of a boost today. A story broken on the BBC News website explains that the EU plans to ban illegally imported timber. Apparently it has taken a number of years to get round legal loop holes etc, which to me, taking into account the rapid deforestation, is absolutely disgusting.

So, how does this help the PVCu industry? Well, firstly I have reason to believe that up to 60% of timber windows in this country are made from illegally imported timber. So, take that timber away, and the timber industry suddenly has a shortage of material. Either that, or timber traders abide by EU laws and prove that their wood has been sourced legally, but that probably isn’t likely. So, the wood window industry will have to start sourcing their materials 100% legally, which will probably push prices of timer windows and doors up further.

A second reason why this helps the PVCu industry, is that it helps prove that the PVCu industry is one which is more sustainable than the timber one. For a long time the PVCu industry has been under fire from timber lobbyists, spreading unfounded, completely biased and inaccurate ‘facts’. So for the last few years, sites like http://www.fightingbackwithfacts.co.uk/ have been putting these lies right. So reports like this help to bolster the PVCu industry, and help prove that the timber industry has been peddling rotten information about our vital sector.

This is all due to become law in 2012, which isn’t that long away. So, with the timber industry on the back foot, what are they going to do to make sure their industry stays alive, especially during these tough economic conditions.

You can view the report from the BBC at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/science_and_environment/10341925.stm