Fighting back with facts

>PVCu Facts Column

>The report on the ban of illegal timber imports got me in the mood for some more timber bashing and plugging of the PVCu industry. So, I've taken 15 facts from the website and put them in a column down the right hand side at the bottom.I feel it's important to make this information [...]

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>How To Solve A Problem Like Timber

>The PVCu may have just received a bit of a boost today. A story broken on the BBC News website explains that the EU plans to ban illegally imported timber. Apparently it has taken a number of years to get round legal loop holes etc, which to me, taking into account the rapid deforestation, is [...]

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>Yet More Crap From English Heritage

>Good old English Heritage has released yet another of their wonderful reports into how PVCu is destroying the fabric of English housing.Their latest report, included in the latest Glass and Glazing magazine, goes on to explain that installing PVCu to replace old timber windows does not offer 'a dramatic boost in performance'. I'm sorry English [...]

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>What Are You Doing To Help!

>It's all gone a bit quiet in the window industry in the last couple of weeks, most notably in the efforts to get PVCu back at the forefront of the replacement window market. I still don't think the bigger PVCu installers and fabricators are doing enough. The Fighting Back With Facts campaign doesn't seem to [...]

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>Fighting Back With Facts

>Fighting Back With Facts is something that has been organised by Martin Randall, director of manufacturing company Crystal Direct. He has spearheaded the campaign to unite the PVC-U industry in fighting back against the myths and prejudices that surround the PVC-U double glazing industry. We have recently registered our company on his website to [...]

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