Looks like my message of coming away from the reliance of oil as quick as possible has spread over the Atlantic, even the President is agreeing with me! Oh wait, it’s taken one of the worst environmental disasters in history for him to say what I have been saying. Thought it was too good to be true. But, for whatever reason, he is right. The world is so completely reliant on oil. So much so, that if oil were to run out right now, the world would actually come to a standstill.
And because Obama’s said we have to move away from oil, it’s become fashionable, so David Cameron’s now said pretty much the same thing. So lets hope in the budget there’s going to be plans for plenty of green jobs and investment in renewable energies.

The reliance of oil is also going to affect our industry. The polymers used to make PVCu are currently produced from oil, so what’s going to happen when oil isn’t available? Well, recycling of old frames is going to have to be one of the major contributors, and polymer production from sustainable sources such as crops specially planted for natural oil is going to be the other big change.