This is a follow up to a recent post about the company ratings page on http://www.double-glazing-forum.com/.

After visiting the page again I’ve noticed the company I work for has sprung up on there! Now I don’t know if that was in response to my recent post, or if it’s a competitor abusing the system. But that is something which the concept is vulnerable to. From the ratings given it was obvious that it was a competitor taking advantage. But it shows a vital flaw. People from any company could add their competitors to the site an repeatedly give them terrible ratings, or, staff from a company listed on there could constantly give fantastic ratings. All of this of course is completely biased and will ruin what was an honest idea.

What makes this strange is that we are a small company compared to most of the others on the list, which makes it obvious someone in competition or just plain immaturity has added us on there, and not a customer, which is a shame.

What is guaranteed however is that I too will be abusing the system! Company loyalty urges me to make sure that competitors don’t get silly and rate us down just for being better than them!