This has got to be some of the best news I’ve heard for a very long time, and one of the best things the new coalition government has done!

The new government has stopped providing money for the installation of new speed cameras, and has drastically cut the amount of money provided for the upkeep of existing ones. Swindon, last year, was the first council to turn off all their speed cameras. Everybody said that accidents and fatalities would go up as a result. But as the first year’s worth of stats were released last week, that wasn’t the case, they were the same as the year previous with speed cameras turned on!
This helps prove a point that speed cameras are there to make money first, then save lives. The new government has said it wants towns and councils to spend money on better signing and education, which to me sounds like a much better idea!

Following in Swindon’s footsteps, Oxfordshire County Council has said that by next year all their 72 speed cameras will be turned off also. Now Swindon has proved that speed cameras aren’t the answer, more councils around the country will start to follow suit.

So soon, the days of worrying driving, feeling constantly under watch, may be over!