I feel the debate about the DGCOS is due to run it’s course sometime soon, and personally I’m starting to tire of the whole thing.

All of us with an opinion have made their opinions known, and most of those have been negative ones. It’s too expensive. It’s a gimmick. It’s another unnecessary governing body. It will hardly be put to use. It creates an even more negative impression of the double glazing industry by creating the image that the industry as a whole is rotten. It’s purely for profit.

Those are some of the reasons why most people believe the idea is flawed, most of which I agree with. But this is where I want to leave it. We won’t be joining the scheme I don’t think, I won’t be writing about the subject again (unless I’m forced to!). If content about the scheme keeps getting published then I fear we will be travelling on the same roundabout for a while, and it’s something not worth spending the time and energy doing so.