Most of you probably know who I am by now, well most of my competitors will do anyway. People often tell me I should just stop the anonymity and just state who I am. Sometimes I really wish I could. But it’s through lack of trust that I don’t.

The double glazing industry is a very spiteful, sometimes very shitty market to work in, with people using dirty tactics to win business. The reason why I stay anonymous is so that this blog doesn’t become associated with the company I work for. This blog is here because it serves MY purpose, to have a rant, a moan, make observations, rattle a few feathers and question what is right and wrong about the industry. Sometimes what I write isn’t too customer friendly, and what I don’t want is competitors saying “look, this is what our competitors think of this” or using what I’ve written against us. I’ve already had one MD tell me they were using a post against us, so I had to remove it.

Unfortunately, people in this industry cannot be trusted (apart from me!). Once I state who I am and who I work for on here, competitors will use this to spread crap either against me, or who I work for. This is why I stay anonymous. Sort of!