Hire Me!

Right then ladies and gentlemen, this post is being written to explain to anyone that is interested that I am available for hire! I had better narrow this down a bit. I am speaking specifically about guest writing. This can be either guest posts on other blogs, press releases for magazines, newspapers or websites. Or [...]

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>A Day In The Life Of A Double Glazing Salesman

>This post was written has a guest post to appear on I thought I might give my account of what a day is like in the world of double glazing.Some background information first about the company I work for; we are a small family run business based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We will have been [...]

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>Why I Stay Anonymous

>Most of you probably know who I am by now, well most of my competitors will do anyway. People often tell me I should just stop the anonymity and just state who I am. Sometimes I really wish I could. But it's through lack of trust that I don't. The double glazing industry is a [...]

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>A Sad 6 Weeks For Metal Music

>I know this has nothing to do with the window industry, but Metal music is a passion of mine, and over the past six weeks, the metal music industry has lost some big and influential names.The first was the lead singer of a band called Type O Negative, Peter Steele. He died through heart failure [...]

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>People would tell me that starting in this industry at 17 years of age would be tough, and they were right. But it was something I wanted to get into, the family business, and was determined to make something of myself. It was a struggle at first. I was young, and looked even younger for [...]

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