Right then ladies and gentlemen, this post is being written to explain to anyone that is interested that I am available for hire!

I had better narrow this down a bit. I am speaking specifically about guest writing. This can be either guest posts on other blogs, press releases for magazines, newspapers or websites. Or any other medium you can think of.

Hire Me!

I have been asked more and more often privately if I can help out with such things, and I have had positive feedback from the work I have done recently for other people. So to complement my work on double glazing blogger, I have decided to put myself out there and offer this service.

I’m going to charge £100 per article. Although I’m not setting a word limit, I will make sure that the article is between 500-1000 words – enough to get whatever message you want to get across gets across! I’ll need a little help from you guys though as well. I’ll need a brief. I’ll need to know what your subject/content is about, what the main point of the piece needs to be, some info about the history of your company/product/service you are trying to advertise, all important images and of course your contact details! This type of work needs collaboration between the two parties.

For larger projects/articles, costs will be higher – but we can discuss this!

So why choose me? I’ve been writing on this blog since March 2009, I love writing, I’m passionate about this industry as most of you already know, and all the hard work I’ve put into this blog has now reached a wide audience. I write for the company website I work for, I have also been published regularly in two industry magazines, Clearview and The Locksmith.

PS: I have the right to refuse work!