This industry is one which doesn’t have the strongest of principles. In fact it rarely carries through to the end anything which it says it will. One perfect example is the backing down on the conformity types for the new Part L regulations.

But one company seems to be showing the rest of us what principles look like and how to abide by them. Network Veka has just expelled a further three installers from their network for not meeting their standards. This brings the total number of expulsions to 49, and total financial loss of those expulsions to £500,000. Which may seem a lot, but I see it as a price worth paying to be able to say they are absolutely steadfast in the application of their principles in business – unlike everyone else in this game! Also, half a million pounds to someone like Network Veka won’t bankrupt them!

This doesn’t seem particularly difficult in practise. It’s just the simple act of following through actions which you say you will perform, yet so many of us don’t!

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