So then, I’ve been away for a week, have I missed anything important?

I see that U-Values for doors have been rendered practically useless for a time, which in a way isn’t surprising considering the poor application of the changes.

One thing I can report is that while in the Highlands I noticed quite a lot of new-build luxury holiday homes being built, most with some form of orangery attached to them. But reading between the lines this seems to suggest something, that orangeries will only be acceptable on certain properties. Orangeries were seen by some as a replacement for the ‘glass box’, but a glass box suits almost any property, from 2 bedroom town house, to luxury 6 bedroom mansion villa (which I was lucky enough to stay in last week!). 

Try and stick an orangery on a 2 bedroom town house or anything similar then it’s not going to work. However stick one on a part timber-clad part grey stone holiday home, then it’s going to look stunning. And there’s the point, they are going to be limited, hence they aren’t going to take off like conservatories did.

I’m in the office tomorrow, so if there’s anything you think I need to know and I’ve missed out, tell me! Otherwise I’ll speak to you on Monday!