Soul searching. I do this sometimes. Periodically I take a good look at myself in the mirror and think what could be different.

Despite me being completely driven by money and success, I hate that I am. I work in a world of figures, values and margins, and it’s a horrible pressure that often I wish I could just throw away and not have to worry about. The consumerism that we’ve immersed ourselves in has brought us added pressure: racking up and paying off debts, sales targets and in turn the pressure to earn as much as we can.

Let’s be honest, money buys us nice things; holidays, cars, homes etc. But to me the pressure that we work under isn’t worth the reward. I’ve just come back from a weeks holiday in the Highlands, and the people there live a much simpler, slower life which looks on the surface to be a lot less stressful, and right now I would drop this one for that in a second. 

The window industry is a highly driven industry, just like many others, and I do enjoy it, but just not as much as I think I would enjoy a much more basic one. No credit cards, no over-sized homes for small families, no need to prove yourself better than others. In fact sometimes I hate the notion of money – but that’s just the hippy in me coming out!

But for now, I’ll just have to keep working, keeping my head above waters.