Has anyone seen/does anyone watch this programme on BBC Four? It’s a brilliant drama following the lives of people in the advertising industry in 1960’s America.

I think it’s fantastic! It’s something I would have loved to do during the 1960’s. It was a time of changing social culture and new products. The opportunities for advertising were endless and enthralling. The thing that attracts me to Mad Men is the glamour and the glitz of it all. 

You see the 4 partners of an advertising agency going out with their clients to fancy restaurants, each having their own PA’s, drinking whisky at every opportunity! In fact when you analyse it, it’s shows them doing very little work at all! They are the face and the schmoozers of the company. 

It also shows how things were so very different back then. Most of the staff smoked, and were allowed to smoke in their offices, something which is shown often. It was also a very male dominated place. There is only one woman who holds a relatively high post, with the rest all filled by men.

Despite the imbalances, it’s still a place and time in which I would have loved to work.