This week has been manic! It’s been the usual case of people rushing to get windows and doors ordered and wanting them in before Christmas and before the new VAT rate in January. It never ceases to surprise me even though the same thing happens every year. People seem to wait and wait, put it off for as long as possible, and then they get motivated right at the end of the year when there is very little time left!

Obviously for us sales people it’s a very nice and timely boost before the quiet winter period, but it doesn’t half create some stress! Your natural selling instinct is telling you that you can promise customers what they order will be fitted before Christmas, but you know full well that there is only a matter of a few fitting days left until you have to start booking into January. 

I can’t understand why people leave it so late all the time! Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m too organised and I can’t imagine doing the same thing!