Dark nights are here now. I’m feeling a bit tired and fed up. So rather than go into a full on post about one subject, I’d rather write about a few little things…just because I cannot be bothered!

I’ve added a proper subscription section in the top right hand corner of the page. RCG has been telling me to get something sorted for ages. He uses AWeber, but as far as I’m aware I have to pay for it. So I’m using Feedburner from Google. Conservatory Girl told me it can be a bit slow getting the information to me. And this I am finding out. A few people have told me they have subscribed but Feedburner is telling me otherwise at the moment!

This time of year always dampens my motivation. Every year when it gets to this point, being productive becomes a lot more hard work compared to the summer months. I’m frantic from January to October, then when it gets to the dark nights and the cold sets in I just want to give up till January! Obviously I can’t do that as I have bills to pay, but that’s just how I am this time of year.

New York
One thing that has kept me motivated is my trip to New York at the end of the year with my girlfriend. New Year’s Eve in Times Square is going to be one hell of a shindig! I’ll make sure I post plenty of pictures from the trip, and then you lot might actually get to see what I look like properly! That profile picture on GlassTalk isn’t really big enough!

New Product Developments
It’s always nice to know that your manufacturers are always looking at ways to improve what your buying from them. We were pleased to find out that we are getting further additions to all types of locking mechanisms for windows and doors come the new year. This is in addition to new window and door hardware options that are also coming up in a couple of months time.

Next GlassTalk
I don’t go to many industry events. So when things like GlassTalk crops up, I’m always tempted to make the effort to go. But for whatever reason I have never been to the GlassTalk events, which I’m sure are very much worth the effort to go. So if someone can persuade me well enough, I’ll try and drag me and my boss (Dad) down to the next one!

Just some things I thought might fill a bit of your spare time!