This is the time of year when business goes quiet, cash flow becomes more like a cash-trickle and so it’s even more vital companies make it through the winter months. However, for those companies who have struggles all the way through the year, this long and severe cold weather is the last thing they will have wanted.

Cold weather naturally stops people from coming out on to the streets to shop till they drop. They stay in, keep warm and don’t drive. In fact online business is probably booming right about now. Problem is windows and doors aren’t really bought online. People come in to buy them. We have noticed it becoming much quieter in terms of new leads over the past few days. Providing the weather stays dry things should pick up. We have been signing up plenty of business from previous leads. 

The worry now is those companies who have struggled on during the rest of the year, if they remain quiet or worse over the next few months, this cold spell could tip them over the edge into bankruptcy. By January we could see a big rise in the number of companies becoming insolvent.