As of 1st January Kommerling will be raising their sealants and adhesives prices by a whopping 20%. They say that by raising their prices it will ensure ‘continuity of supply’ and will be able to maintain ‘it’s levels and quality of service’.

They are blaming this price hike on the rising cost of polymers, carbon blacks, resins and plasticisers. This is something which I talked about in an earlier post. The rising costs of raw materials mean’t that there had to be some form of increase on the horizon. A rise of 20% however is quite a large one, and I suspect that Kommerling have taken the last few rises on the chin but are unable to keep on doing so, and quite right too.

This is probably going to be one of many increases announced before the end of the year, and we’re likely to see many more in the New Year.

A full report can be found at: http://ggpmag.com/newsitem.asp?newsID=735