Unlike RCG, I do enjoy the Christmas period (just not this extreme cold!).

I am fully aware that Christmas is bad for business, but it allows everyone to breathe a sigh of relief and gives us a chance to relax and not worry about business and money, just for a little bit. If your boss is nice enough, you get to let your hair down with staff parties too!

Christmas is a time for families as well. The older you get the more important your family seems to become. Grandparents are an important one for me, I have only one Grandad left, so it’s vital we all see him, especially during the festive period while he’s on his own. With this time off we should be making the most of it and be seeing our loved ones. 

Cards. This is a controversial one. Some people like to give and receive them, some people cannot be bothered with them. The ones from suppliers and manufacturers I can understand. But the ones from friends and family are the ones that matter. RCG, remember cards can be recycled! Don’t insult the good will some people are genuinely trying to send you!

Commercial. Yes Christmas is about the most commercial thing on the planet! Shops started to sell festive stuff back in August, way too early! But we don’t have to succumb to the commercialism, we aren’t forced to. We can do things which don’t involve spending copious amounts of money. It’s the simple stuff which I think can make people happy at this time of year.

So, I wish everyone (even RCG!) a very special Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Enjoy the time off. Re-charge and get ready for another busy year ahead!