I’m two thirds of the way through adding tags/labels to my posts on this blog, all 480 of them! When I look at other blogs and websites, the majority have either a tag list or cloud, and it helps to organise everything a little bit. People then don’t have to trawl all the way through my blog to try and find one post they might want to read!

However tagging 480 posts is difficult, and does require you to be dedicated to your site if it means your going to get it all done. Currently, as I’ve said I’m past the halfway mark, and I would have carried on tonight, but the internet connection at the moment at home is terrible. So I’ll finish my marathon tomorrow. 

Over the past 24, there seems to have been a problem with the comments section. Conservatory Girl and Rob Foy have both told me they have been leaving comments, but for what ever reason, I’m not getting them through at my end. I sent a test comment to myself, and that one made it through. So, to help me out, could everyone please bombard me with comments just so I can see what is getting through and what isn’t! If you’d prefer to email me with comments then that is fine, I’ll post them for you on your behalf. If you don’t see your comment on the blog within an hour or so, then send me a tweet at @glazingblogger and I’ll look into it further.

There were also a couple of problems with my subscriptions service with FeedBurner, but this seems to have sorted itself out. Though there is one email address on my list which isn’t verified, think it’s from some one called Phil (don’t want to put the email address on here for everyone to see!).