Over the past few weeks, I can’t help but feel that there is a crescendo building within the double glazing world. One specifically relating to price.

Gathering from what people within the industry have said an information from customers, companies now seem to be crippling under price increases, and are now in the process of raising them. This had to happen. There were too many increases for installers to take on the chin. Despite this, Kommerling have come out and said that their prices are going up 9%, owing to the rising cost of oil. Also Pilkington are pumping up their prices across the range, between 10 and 25%. These new increases also have to be passed on, especially now as profit is becoming harder to make these days.

But it’s not only Kommerling and Pilkington raising their prices. Pretty much all systems companies and glass suppliers have had to increase their prices to manufacturers. It’s only now that installers seem to be passing on the increases. The crazy thing about it is that this should have been done ages ago! Just think of all the profit lost unnecessarily! Of course you’ll still come across the companies who still think it’s a good idea to under-cut in this sort of market, but all being well these companies will go bust!

I can feel all this boiling over now within the industry. Prices have risen, installers and manufacturers have held off the rising waters as long as possible, now cracks are beginning to show and companies are having to take on these increases quicker, and more often.