To put it simply, February was no better than January…but at least not worse!

We had roughly the same amount of leads as January, the same amount of sales and the same amount of revenue. Pretty much a copycat month. But as February is one of the worst months  for the double glazing industry, this is to be expected.

One thing I did notice during this month, is that rival companies may have increased their prices. When we were quoting against some of our usual rivals, the gap between us and them seemed to be less than what it has been in the past. We have decreased our prices, but maybe the tough economic conditions has finally forced other to increase their prices as they probably can’t absorb any more rises.

Also during February, I think we had the most sales calls from reps we’ve ever had! It must have been quiet out there, we were having more than 10 sales calls a day at one point. Ranging from people wanting to sell us company mobiles, trying to get us to change suppliers for our frames and roofs, loads from newspapers wanting us to advertise.

From what I understand trading is probably as tough as it was since the worst period during the recession. People are now starting to worry for their jobs, wages aren’t rising and the rocketing cost of living are all conspiring to dampen any sort of economic recovery. It’s time to get our recession heads back on and start to get out there and get the work in, it’s there if you look in the right places, it’ll just be a challenge making a success of it.