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>Happy New Year!

>I hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve! I did, so much so that I seem to have a slightly fuzzy memory after 1am!It's time to put to the rest what was the difficult year of 2011, and look forward to more opportunities this new year. Most of Europe's leaders are warning of [...]

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>Blazing A New Trail

>Have you ever sat down in contemplation, looked at your life where you are right now, and thought: I think I need a fresh start somewhere else?That's where I am right now. Certain personal events have caused me to analyse my friendships with certain people, which, when a lot of them make up the circles [...]

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>Thanks For Following!

>This is a late one! This is just a general message of thanks. Over the past week or so my visitor numbers and general traffic to this blog has risen a great deal. Hopefully this is due to some half decent content I'm striving to put on here. When the content standards start to slip [...]

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>I Was Supposed To Be Doing Paperwork Tonight!

>We're busy. Busy enough to the point where I really should have been working tonight rather than writing this. But, mistakes were likely at this time of night so I decided to leave that till the morning. The leads we have been going on have all been quite large, one is so large and complicated [...]

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