I really have got the bit between my teeth on this issue, but it bugs me so I’m going to carry on talking about it.

I’m proposing a challenge: I’m asking those reps/companies who are currently signing up their contracts with little or no profit to come on here and explain why. I would like you to explain why, in a time of rising costs, you insist on bleeding your quotes dry of profit, to try and win the order? I know this has been going on for a good 18 months to two years, surely some of you are on the brink of collapse? Do you realize you have employees that rely on the business surviving so they can earn an income?

There are a lot of competitors of mine which are selling their wares for absolutely bugger all. Those who know who I am, know exactly who I’m talking about. This is your platform to come on here and respond to what I’ve said – if you’re really bothered about the people you employ and the businesses you’re supposed to be running responsibly.

It’s time to earn money, not become a ‘not for profit’ organisation!