How desperate are Everest to get the sales in?

In their most recent advertising campaign, they are celebrating 46 years in business. For 46 days they are offering a 46% discount, and get this…a 46 year guarantee!!

The 46% discount is stupid enough. People aren’t going to fall for such a specific number, you should only do round numbers if your wanting to add money on and take it back off again and call it a discount. The most ridiculous thing about this promotion is the 46 year guarantee! Can you imagine the scenario? Mrs Smith rings up 37 years later after having Everest windows fitted: “could you come replace my window handles? They’ve all come loose and are falling off!” What do you think the chances are that after 37 years, Everest are really going to go out and replace her handles? The hardware won’t even be available, and thinking on, in this climate, Everest might not even be there!

The tip here is that you don’t have to go to crazy lengths that you know full well you can’t honour. If your going to do a promotion, focus on a best selling product or have an open day for existing and potential new customers. Don’t chain yourself to a cross you can’t carry.

Oh, and they’re advertising that 46 customers will get their windows and doors for free. So you can bet that 46 of the smallest contracts will get picked then!