There is no doubt that the future of the double glazing industry relies partly on the integration of the internet. Gathering leads by way of the web is going to become one of the main ways in which to attract customers.

We started the internet journey properly about a year ago, aiming to have a better website to communicate our business and products better to the customer, and to get people to make enquiries online. All in all, I can say that the design part of the website and the content is well done and as we wanted. Though one area of scepticism is the quality of the internet leads.

When designing the website we wanted to make sure that the leads we bring in are ones that are of a good quality and are serious about having the work done. We didn’t want to do is fill our diaries with time wasters and tyre-kickers. We’ve mostly managed to do that. However, if you read my last post, we still have the odd lead which is a complete waste of time and not worth spending the petrol money!

You’ll never get a perfect system where you manage to filter out the genuine customers from those who are just curious about numbers. You just have to make it clear on your website that your not a cheap and cheerful, here today and gone tomorrow company who fit cheap products. That way those who want a good job doing are likely to contact you, and those who just want the cheapest possible will go to those who specialise in that.