It’s been a few weeks since the last update, but I’ve been sent an update regarding the poor installation that is being documented on here:

26/4/11…The installer has still not contacted me. So I rang them at 10.45 regarding the rear door which they left unusable. I was informed ‘they would let me know when they were coming’. I then rang PWFED and told them the problems. I received a phone call from the installer saying they would be taking the Solidor to have it shortened tomorrow morning…..

27/4/11…door removed and returned at 2PM. The fitter had to shorten the casing. It is fitted and now opens… 

Today I updated Trading Standards on the situation. They have a case number and all details . The replacement window for the small bedroom is covered in touch up paint. Also noticed were small blisters in the foil.Very disappointing for a ‘quality product’ ?

The fitters left the cills for the storm porch doors and replacement windows at the property. The porch is dated 14/2/11 and they brought it to be fitted on 21/4/11. (why not ? I was silly enough to make them a £4000 interim payment). Now I ordered , and paid for,a  high quality lead free profile…. The manufacturer’s tape on the porch was an entirely different make. This would explain why the gasket was black and not grey. Am I being scammed? The remake cills also have a different manufacturer’s name on them. I have submitted photos to the manufacture whose profile I paid for. Also DGB has had a copy.

5/5/11…Nothing heard from the installer. I again rang PWFED.

6/5/11 …. Email from installer late afternoon saying there was a ‘2 week lead time on windows’.

13/5/11… email from installer,’ I would like to advise you that we have received confirmation from —, that the remakes will be delivered to our showroom week
commencing Monday 23 rd May. They have advised the frames will be
stripped down and thoroughly examined and re tapped before delivery,’

They said that last time, but frames still came with blotchy touching up, some over a foot long, and torn gaskets. And of course I will be unable to identify which profile I’m getting.

The frame maker claims their windows undergo a 3 in process inspection and a 20 point end of line check. They also claim to set the standards for others to follow. If this were true I wouldn’t be having problems .I have no confidence with these people any more.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, the installation will be at an acceptable level and this episode can have a line drawn under it.