It has been pointed out today that one of the main causes for the spate of high street stores going under, as well depressed sales, are very high rent rates the stores have been having to pay.

With rising costs and slowing sales, these expensive rent rates have obviously proved the last straw for many businesses. Rents are usually paid quarterly, but have been rising every quarter to make sure landlords have been able to stay profitable. Unfortunately these rents have proved to be too much.

So this got me to thinking; if this can happen to high street stores, could the same scenario play out with double glazing companies that rent office space or warehouse space for manufacturing?

I think it could. If tenancy contracts are up for renewal soon, this is an opportunity for landlords to bump their prices up to help cover their rising costs. Of course this will have an impact on businesses. Rates for companies renting manufacturing space are already going to be quite expensive. Any further rises would surely mean the cost of the company’s windows would have to go up. Anyway, you get where I’m going with that scenario, don’t want to be too negative, I keep getting told off about being too down beat! Let me know if you agree though!

That’s the negative spin out of the way, here comes the good news…well, for those that own their own buildings anyway! The good news is…wait for it…your rent won’t be going up! For those who own their own building in which they run their double glazing company from, this is the ideal to not be shelling out cash for sitting in the building your working in. Obviously running costs are still going to have to be paid for, but the mortgage on your building is by far one of the biggest overheads, so if you’ve just paid it off, or have paid it off quite a while ago, you have one less thing to worry about.

So, yet one more reason why renting in this country is dead money, and why owning the building you live/work in is the better position to be in for the long-term.