Maybe it was just a matter of time, but now one of the biggest supermarkets has moved into the double glazing market with the introduction from Tesco of their own range of windows, doors and conservatories.

And at first glance they look to have entered the market with a decent set up. They have a pretty comprehensive website, not bogged by down by ‘offers’ or ‘sales’. It’s not too flash heavy either.

Each page sets out in quite some thorough detail their different products, all the available options that come with it and what the customer can expect to get for their money, which when they look at the lists they’ve compiled looks substantial. They’re are also clear on what you get in the standard price guide and what is optional and would be added to the cost – something which could have easily been overlooked but has been well explained.

What I’m also impressed with are the prices they’ve entered the market at. £554 for a top and side hung window shows that they are aiming at the higher end of the market. What this will help to do, because Tesco is such a massive household name, is to build up the impression to customers that these are the right prices to be paying for these products. OK, they may become half-serious competition if this takes off in a big way, but I also think it will push out some of the dead wood companies and cowboy OMB’s that plague our industry. Tesco’s marketing Juggernaut and commercial power could be a good thing for our industry.

One huge stumbling block they need to make sure they can get over is the after-sales care. They need to be ready for the numerous remedial calls, professional non-payers, the ultra pedantic consumers and those who think they know more than you despite you selling the product. Customers can be the biggest problem in this industry, but as long as they handle them well, professionally and courteously then I think they could make a good go of this.

I have one question however. Do they no something we don’t? It’s quite unusual for a British supermarket to move into something like this. Could they be anticipating energy efficient windows being included in the new green energy bill set to be announced by the Government? If they are, they may be positioning themselves to cash in on some potentially substantial home improvement work.

This is one to watch I think.