The window industry is projecting a very blurred vision of itself right now. There are many quarters reporting very difficult trading conditions, with all sorts of figures down on previous years. Only a few days ago @VastPaul was reporting that various sources were telling him the industry had bottomed out, with a fabricator telling him they were 50% down on where they should be right now.

Yet despite this, when I speak to others in the industry, they tell me of a fair number of good news stories coming to the fore. And to some extent I have to agree with this. On a local basis, I know that there are some companies doing rather well in West Yorkshire, and some who really are on their last legs.

So, as the title of this post suggests, the overall health of the window industry is far from certain. So why?

Well, I think we have all been used to doom and gloom stories for so long that when a good news story shows itself, it’s promoted to within an inch of it’s life. In an attempt to shun the difficult trading conditions, we are now utilizing the better stories within the industry to try to spread a better feeling throughout. This is commendable, as for a while many have been saying we need to be promoting the industry in a good light. But let’s keep an analyzing eye on this. I’d still say the industry is in a critical condition, with much recovery yet to come.

One other point which should be pointed out is that while many are finding business difficult (and that goes for every type of business, not just double glazing), there are some companies dotted around the country which are doing the complete opposite of struggling and doing rather well. @ConservatoryG’s very own Sun Shield had a very good year last year for growth and by all accounts are doing just as well this year. Spacer bar companies are also doing well, in a time where energy rated windows has mean’t nearly all companies have had to start using some form of warm edge unit spacers. From sources I speak to, there are other companies bucking the trend.

There are businesses out there who not only go out looking for the work, but know how to do it and do it well. That is where having the right people in your business counts for a great deal.

While writing this post I tried desperately to come up with a crystal clear picture of the double glazing industry as we stand today. But I’ve failed. In a sector where companies are either going bust left right and centre or exploding their profits or being bought and sold, the only summary that I can give is that the industry remains confused, disorientated and in flux. Maybe in two years time we might be able to say everything is calm again.