>You can see the logic behind can’t you. Bi-folding doors are taking off, so why not bi-folding windows?

Think about it. There would be absolutely no problem when it comes to fire escape and ventilation laws. Customers are now wanting to open up as much space as possible in their homes, so from a practical view point it’s all good!

But as with anything, and especially now, price does have an important factor. Are these new products expensive or cheap in comparison to their casement counterparts. If they’re more expensive, the customer has to see why they’re more. And at the same time the company selling them needs to be doing so at the right price. These look to be a premium product, and so can demand a decent profit margin which is justified.

It might be good for someone like Liniar, who are introducing them, to maybe come on here and shed some more light on this new venture.