>Ever wondered that something fresh and new could be waiting for you somewhere? Well I am. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy at my job, I have brilliant prospects. I have some great friends and I’m in decent surroundings. But I think my head needs a breath of fresh air, something new to immerse myself in.

Some of you will know how much I enjoyed my trip to New York last year. Some of you will also know that if I wasn’t in the window industry, I would like to have been a journalist. Not one of those News Of The World style journalists. More like the proper investigative ones with something important to tell!

I’m not saying I want to leave the country forever, but I have in my mind an 18 month break, probably in and around New York, doing something involving writing. 

I’ve had a bitch of a day, but this post isn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to a crap 24 hours. I’ve been thinking of it for quite a while. Of course there are the logistics of the plan to think about. Money, accommodation, a job, meeting new people and making new friends – all things that have to be considered. But this is something I feel strongly about, and I hope that sooner rather than later I get the opportunity to do it.

So, if anyone in the New York area happens to read this, drop me an email please!