As with anything new, questions are asked. And with Tesco Windows, this is exactly the same. So I took it upon myself to pose some questions to Tesco Windows to see if they would reply and shed some more light about their plans – and to test how honest they really would be.


I’d like to introduce myself as Double Glazing Blogger. I’m an anonymous blogger within the double glazing industry.

The introduction of Tesco Windows has certainly made the rest of the industry sit up and take notice. In fact it’s the only thing most of us have talked about on the Twittersphere and blogging arena over the past couple of days.

As you would expect with anything new, people will ask questions – just as I am about to do, as a blogger, not a competitor.

I’ve had a look at your website and it certainly extensive. You’ve given as much information as possible on the areas of work your are going to cover, which is vital as clarity in this industry is very important when you’re dealing with demanding customers. You also clearly state prices – again good as it shows the customer exactly how you’re positioned in the market. But some of the things written on your site aren’t so agreeable. You give the impression that the mass majority of the industry is made up of companies using hard-sell tactics and ridiculous discount structures to gain business. Well I can tell you that the industry is also full of professional, ethical and fair companies who only seek to do the best job possible for the right price. So to portray the industry in such a manner as you have I’m afraid is false. Don’t get me wrong, there are companies out there exactly how you describe, but certainly not all, and certainly do not make up the majority of the industry.

You also state no salesmen. So who does the job of asking what the customer wants, finalising their specifications and working them out a price? Is this all done by a surveyor? You also seem to cast a dark light on salesmen, of which I am one, and like to think I’m not like the stereotypical ones everyone imagines.

You say you have teamed up with Weatherseal and A Job Worth Doing. Are Weatherseal going to be supplying the products? And if so, will they be using the Spectus profile system, seen as though they supply Weatherseal?

What I’d also like to know is whether A Job Worth Doing will be carrying out the work or will it be Tesco. If so, are A Job Worth Doing just using the Tesco brand name to boost their business? Is this just A Job Worth Doing dressed in Tesco clothing?

A few of my readers also have questions they would like to ask.

1. Which roof are you using and who are you buying them from? 

2. Which supplier are you using for your window and door hardware?

3. Are you going to go into the conservatory/orangery market.

I would like to say well done on some realistic pricing. One thing this industry does have a lot of trouble with is under-pricing. A lot of companies at the moment are selling their wares too cheap, however the prices you’re advertising I think are about where they should be right now.

Right now the industry is curious more than anything, people (lots of people) will have their opinions on this as I’m certain you will find out very shortly, if not already.

I would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to read what is above and give your feedback. I as a blogger would appreciate, as would those who visit my site.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Double Glazing Blogger

I will obviously post any response I get from Tesco Windows.